Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Show us were you live

I found this on one of the bloggs I'm reading, thought it was fun, each Friday you are supposed to show different rooms of your home, this week is or was living room, so this is my living room.

We will be moving in 2 month so this is for me too, to remember what this apartment looked like.

This picture shows the living room from the angel you walk in to it. I don't really like the curtains but since we are moving I want buy any new. I do like the big window that gives the room lots of light. I also like to have the couches face each other it makes it easier to be social when people come visit.

This photo is taken by the dresser in the other picture. I like the fireplace but it makes it hard to place the Tv in a good place.

I like the stuff i have on the dresser and the fireplace, I love candles, so i like having them in many different places.

The candles on top of the fireplace i got for my birthday from some friends i really like the color on them.

As you can see I like blue very much but i think I'm starting to grow out of it and enjoying other colors too.

Here is the dresser, i really like everything that is on it. The painting in the back is from my boyfriend, and again you see the candles on there... Ohh and the little box

is an birthday present that i got from a good friend a couple of years ago, it has small cards in it that will remind you of Jesus, example one card has an band-aid on and i says "a band-aid, reminds you that Jesus is the one how heal your wounds"
I just love to have that box around that gives me a lot of comfort...

This is my living room, for two more month i might show you some new pitures when the move is done...

On Kelly's Korner is were i found this fun thing, go look there is a lot of living rooms to look at