Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sunday evning

It is Sunday again, that means back to school tomorrow, early morning to catch the train. So i need to pack all things that I'll need during the week in Uppsala. I'm bringing my camera so i can take pictures of the big church there and maybe of my school too.

This weekend we both haven't been feeling to good. I had a bad cold that I past on to Andreas. But yesterday it was "Octoberfest" a big party at our friends it was lots of fun. But since we both were tired we left early slept in this morning, good thing we get to turn to wintertime this weekend. We had lunch at Andreas parents and after that it was time to go to his cousins goodbye party, she is going to Tanzania for 6 month. She is going to work in a school and teach kids english. We hope and pray that she will have a great time and it was good to see her a last time before she leavs....

So this is our weekend almost, i forgotte I had to work yesterday and Andreas helped our friends move in to there new house. After work i could go there to and see there houes, i so want my own house right now but I'll have to wait for us to be done with school first...

Okay i guess i need to go and pack my things... I'll write again when i'm back from Uppsala...

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Back in Uppsala

I'm back in school... it is a very busy week here. Lots of things to do in school. This is the big church in Uppsala i haven't been in there jet i'll try to have time to go there next week... take some pictures to show you what the inside looks like... Tomorrow i'll take the train back to Norrköping and Andreas as all ready home. so we will have a long weekend together that in nice. But i'll have alot of school work to do. Next week is the last one in this subject so we'll have to get everything done so we can start the new class the week after... it is fun, but it is hard and tirering to. I'm getting a cold to so i guess i'll have to sleep this weekend to to be abel to finsch next week in school...

It's not that much els going on here... so this will be it for today

Friday, October 17, 2008

Last day

of my Internship. It has been great. I just love working in the church meeting people and just being in the church. But it is nice to go back to school on Monday to, as long as i get my report written.

The picture above is from the other Church. This congregation that i've been in has two churches. The one you have seen before the really old one and then this one and if i remember right this one is from 1994. It is a smaller one but i really like it to. I like both very much and i think it is fun to have to churches that are so different from each other.

This weekend Andreas isn't coming home from school. So tonight I'll go to Church and meet the youth there. They have a café for the kids to have a place to hang out at on Fridays instead of being out drinking or doing other stupid stuff. I think this is a good thing so i'm looking forward to go there tonight.

Tomorrow i'll spend the day with my nice. We'll go shopping and also go and have someone help us with our make up. They have a store here were you get an appointment and then they will help you finde good colors for you and also show you how to use it. I think that will be lots of fun... Then we are going to watch girl moveis and just hang out.
Think that will be a great weekend thing to do...

Need to go, need to get something to eat before Church...

Sunday, October 12, 2008

To give Thanks

Todays Sunday is the Sunday that the farmers took some of there harvest to the church and gave thanks for everything that the harvest gave this year. So to today is a day that remind to be thankful for everything that God gives us. In my sermon today i talked about how we need to be better at thanking for all the Good things we have in life. To say thanks for small things and big things and also all those things we take for granted.

Thanks for being Loved, for Friends and family. For the sun, for the fall and all the beautiful leafs. Thanks for giving me the daily bread. and thanks for everything else you give in life...

I told you earlier this week that i should take some more pictures from the inside of the old church so i'll post them under here...

The alter and it is not a painting it is a window

The Pulpit, i used last Sunday, i don't know how old it is

The baptismal font it is from 1100, and they still use it not every baptism they have but a couple times a year.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Tomorrow is Andreas Birthday so we had a little celebration with families today we were 23 people in our apartment. We had pie and salad and cake and coffee. Andreas mother made the cake, I'll post a picture of them.

I was in church today to the had a baptism of a baby boy, and then we had a meeting with a couple that will get married, so it was a fun but intense day.

Yesterday we where cleaning the apartment so we could have people over here today. I was also baking bread and pies for everyone. 3 with meat and two vegetarian. I had never done that kind before but they turned out okay.

Thursday i had my youngest nice her she is so adorable. I took her for a walk and then i took her home to her dad, so that her big sister could help me. Her big sister is16 so she is a good helper. I have 2 nieces and 2 nephews. The two oldest are 19 and 16 so we are almost more like siblings and the youngest to are 2 years and 7 month.

Tomorrow I'll have a sermon at the late service in a small church lot newer then the other one. this one is built 1994 i think. But I'll be in the early service to and take some pictures of the church to show you. So think I need to go to bed now so I'll make it to church in time...

The Cake

Andreas and one of his presents

Stella the nice

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Östra Eneby

This is the church i'm doing my intern in. It is the oldest church in Norrköping, and maybe even the oldest building. They started to build the church 1100 so it is an OLD Church... I'll take some pictures from inside on Saturday or Sunday. To give you a picture of what it looks like. To day I was on a Retierment home or it is a place where people stay when have been at the hospital and can't go back home, mostly old people. We had a service there. After that they had lunch, Soup lunch for how ever can come, mostly older people there to. And this evning i spend some time with the youth gruop it was fun. We played TP my team lost :P but we did have a good time.

Tomorrow is my day of, but i have to spend some time writing a sermon for Sunday. But in the afternoon i'll have my youngest nice her she i 7 month... Haven't seens her this last month so i think it's time now... She is so cute... i'll take som pictuers of her and post her so you can see here.

You are always welcome to leave a comment to let me know you read, and ask questions if you have any or don't understand what i mean...

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


I'm really in to blogging now. It is fun to see that people do read. So i thought i should tell you about whats going on in my life right now.

I'm in school in Uppsala, which is a city North of Norrköping. I will be there this semester except for six weeks when i'll be doing Internship in two different Churches one that I'm in right now that is here in Norrköping. I'm following a pastor and doing some services and preaching. I'll be in this church 3 weeks and this is my second week, time just fly by. The other 3 weeks i'll be with a pastor in a church in Linköping which is 30 min from Norrköping with, Bus, train and car. It is really fun to see more of what the life as a pastor will look like.

Andreas is in school, he'll be done in June really looking forward to that. This week he is home and that is nice to have him close.

I think i'll go back to writing a sermon for sunday... but i'll be back here soon and let you know whats going on in my life...


The fall is here, me and my nice planted this yesterday to put out on the stairs up to our house. I thought that I should start blogging and doing it in english for all my friends that i don't see that often. My english isn't the best but i hope you still will underatand me... So enjoy and hope you like what you read...