Saturday, December 19, 2009

Time to write

Yes i think it really is time, but i still have lots to do in school and i don't really like it right know. I want to be social talk to people meet people and just enjoining Christmas but NO that is not for my i so hope that 2010 will be a better year for that. I'm writing on my final paper for school plan to be done on jan 3th at the latest. and like that wouldn't be enough to do i'll be working during christmas so i have to spend time to for preparations. I'll have to church service one on the 24th at 11 am and one on the 25th at 7 am, i'm looking forward to do that but not to all work before but i hope God will be good to me and make it come easy so i can spend most of my time on school...

Winter is really here and i soooooo LOVE it i Love all the snow and the cold weather today we had -14 C ( 7 F) I just love to be outside and see the nature being so wonderful. God really created a great world to live in...

Now of to the Movie... I have the best husband to be....

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