Monday, October 25, 2010

Day off

To day I have a day off from work, it feels great i could sleep as long as i wanted to, have breakfast in the couch watching TV. Get some laundry done, get the dishes done and meet two old friends of mine... I was supposed to get some vacuuming done to but hey that I can do tomorrow since i have tomorrow off to, life is good...

My husband is a way with work so I get to spend my days off with friends that is great even if i would have loved spending it with the husband.

I don't really know what to write here, and if there is any one how i reading but I'll write some about my life and whats going on and see if anyone is reading and maybe I'll get some ides of what to write about.

This week I'll buy a gym card, hopefully I'll be good at using it, specially since i really need it. There is a gym in the little "town" next to where I live so I'll need to take my car there but i hope i can get a routine that i'll go there twice every week that is my first goal.

Okay need to get ready to go see my friends...
Have a great day

God Bless...

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